Minutes of October 28, 2015 Membership Meeting

Caledonian Club of Sacramento
General Membership Meeting
28 October 2015
Odd Fellows Hall
1831 Howe Ave.

Call to Order

Chief Robyn McBurney called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM and led the group in the pledge of allegiance to the flag.

Reading of Minutes

Sharon Young read the minutes.  

Nancy Morrow commented on the $8,000 that should have gone from the Games account into the Trustees’ Fund.  Kay Bell said that the money came out of the treasury, and the Trustees have now received it.  Patty Schroeder said it was an estimate and may be adjusted after future meetings on finances.

Gordon Scot was installed at the Marketing Committee meeting, and that was to be recorded in the minutes.

Perry moved and Nancy seconded approval of the minutes.  Passed

Treasurer’s Report 

Kay Bell reported a beginning club-checking-account balance of $72,369.54.  Plus

$65,000 of that was put into the Games account. 

$765.00 Tartan Ball Presales


$65,000.00 check to Games

$7.00 paid in Bank fees.

$500.00 Deans and Homer Insurance

$768.00 Liberty Mutual Insurance

$100.00 Odd Fellows September Rent


$6,759.54 ending club checking account balance

$2,530.95 in savings

Committee Reports

Trustees.  Nancy said they are waiting till November 1 for applications, had to be postmarked by 11/1.

Tartan Ball

Perry reported that the big hoedown starts at 6:00 and ends 10:00.  The DJ is Doug Merideth.  Peter Dallbray will sing and play.  The piper and dancer to the chief will perform.  Nine people have reserved so far.  Nancy wanted to be sure that we were balancing attendees against expenses.  

Old Business

Patricia Schroeder said that as a non profit, we need proper bookkeeping.  We should have a form at every meeting for people to properly request money.

Robyn said she had left the word “Proposed” on the budget, but it should have said “Approved.”

By Laws/Standing Rules 

Janet Kurnick, Kate Harper and Sharon Young were appointed to the By laws committee.

New Business.

Kate moved and Perry seconded the request for $50 for the Caledonian and Shamrock joint Christmas party to pay for turkey and soft drinks.  Sharon submitted the request form and will make sure the Shamrock club will give receipts for whatever it buys on behalf of the Caledonian Club.


Robyn tabled discussion of the proposed Games Budget because of Angie’s absence.

Monday November 30 6:00 PM is the date for the next general membership meeting.


Robyn adjourned the meeting at 7:46 PM.