July 22, 2015 Membership Meeting Minutes

Caledonian Club of Sacramento
General Membership Meeting – July 22, 2015
Odd Fellows Hall, Sacramento

Call to order:  Vice Chief Perry Smith called the meeting to order at 7:04 PM.

Present were Perry Smith, Kate Harper, Rick Robbins, Beryl McLendon, Sharon Young, Kay Bell, Clyde Scott, Marsha Scott, Nancy Morrow.

Reading of Minutes:  Sharon read the minutes from the June 17 meeting.  Clyde Scott moved the minutes be adopted as amended, showing Kay present at the June meeting.  Kate Seconded.  Passed.

Treasurer’s ReporI:  Kay reported that as of July 8 there was $8,351.00 in the bank.  She didn’t know if all checks were in.  As of June 30 the Caledonian Club savings account had $2,530.77.

Committee Reports

Trustee Committee:  Nancy Morrow said that according to the new May by-laws she has only to give a quarterly written report.

Membership.  Interim Chair Kate reported  the following:

Total memberships: 55
Individual members: 74
Senior memberships: 34 (64%)
Non-senior memberships: 19 (35%)
Life members: 2

Social Committee:  Perry reported on the Tartan Ball, which will be held November 7 at the Dante Club, where preliminary arrangements have begun.  The first part of October we will send invitations.  Nancy offered 48 votive candles, 12 vases and guest book, which she will bring.  Marsha can supply mirrors to be part of centerpieces.

Fellowship.  Nancy sent a card to Kyla for back surgery.

Communications:  Kate said that Robbin met with Jean Black who is now our webmaster.  Jean will help Kate with Mail Chimp.  There is a question regarding will be newsletter editor.

Old Business:  Jean Black has taken over as webmaster.  Payments to her are $750 initially and $50 a month.

Action Items:  None

Nancy asked Kay when the trustees will be getting money from the games because she needs to know what will be available for scholarships.  This information will have to come from the games manager.

She also wanted to know at what meeting the three trustees be installed.  Kate said September when our chief can be here.

New Business:   will also have to wait till the chief can be here.

Open Forum:  Nancy wanted to know when the Morrows, Scotts , Sharon and Perry can get together to work on the Tartan Ball.  All agreed on September 9, at 12:30, at Mel’s 29th and J. Nancy will bring items for decorating.  Many good ideas came from the members, which the committee will consider.  We may have an early-bird special on tickets and use the telephone tree.

Kay Bell volunteered to help select the Crown and Thistle recipient.  Nancy said she had the five previous year’s recipients on her committee.  Kay will check see if we have pins.  

Adjournment:  Perry adjourned the meeting at 7:45.