Minutes of September 23, 2015 Membership Meeting

Call to order at 7:00 pm.

Pledge of Allegiance



Members: Shelley McKinney; Susanne Black; Angie Roddan; George Morrow; Nancy Morrow; Clyde Scott; Marsha Scott; Kate Harper

Board Members: Robyn McBurney; Perry Smith; Kay Bell; Rick Robbins

Guest: Patty Schroeder


July Board Minutes:

July minutes not available; tabled until October meeting.


Treasurer’s Report:

Checking: $7,369.54

Savings (CD): $2,530.89

Callie fund: $8,000

$65,000 transferred to Games checking account

$50 donation from Pres Thomson


Installation:  Past Chief Angie Roddan swore in Nancy Morrow as Chair of the Trustees.

Alan Himmah has resigned from the Board of Trustees due to health issues.  Nancy Morrow moved/Susanne Black seconded that Clyde Scott be appointed to replace him.  Motion passed unanimously.  Past Chief Angie Roddan swore in Susanne Black and Clyde Scott as Trustees.  


Committee Reports:

Trustees Fund:  Nancy Morrow submitted the Trustees Quarterly Report for June through September, 2015.  Copy attached.

Nancy reported that she is personally paying for new Trustee stationery to be printed.

Membership:  Kate Harper, pro tem Membership Chair, reported that there are currently 55 memberships; 74 members and 2 life members.  All agreed that the Club needs more members.  The 2015 Membership Directory has not been issued yet, but will be shortly.


Tartan Ball: Perry Smith reported on the status of the Tartan Ball.  He passed around a sample draft of the flyer, which will have a reservation form on the bottom.  There was discussion of how many flyers to print: enough to mail to all members, flyers for the Daughters of Scotia, St. Andrews Society, the Dixon Scottish Club, the Mother Lode Scotts, etc.  There was also some discussion regarding expenses vs. income for this event.

There will be two drawings for tickets to the 2016 Sacramento Valley Scottish Games.  Nancy Morrow gave the drawing tickets to Perry.  Since Games tickets are no longer printed, vouchers will be given to the winners.  The cost of the tickets must be included in the Tartan Ball budget.

Christmas Party: The Christmas party will be held December 5th at Sandy Welsh’s house.  This will be a joint party with the Shamrock Club.

Misc.: There was discussion of social events for the remainder of the year: Installation of Officers for 2016-2017 term: at a meeting, or a separate event?  Should Club put on a Tartan Day event, given the low attendance in 2015?

Fellowship:  Nancy Morrow resigned as Fellowship Chair.

Games Committee:  Games Manager Angie Roddan reported that the Games Committee has met twice and there was a Marketing Committee meeting today.  The 2016 Games are April 23-24, 2016.  The 2016 Games will be the 140th, and the Committee is planning to celebrate that anniversary.  Programs will be printed this year, and Angie has found material from the Sacramento Union 1877 edition about the first Games, which will be included in the program.  The Committee is planning to be aggressive about having the program pay for itself.

Communications:  No newsletter has been issued recently.  Nancy commented that announcements of meetings should be sent a minimum of one week before each meeting.

Angie Roddan reported that Jean Black has created new stationery for the Club, and asked if the Board will be adopting it.

Old Business:

Web master/web site:  Jean Cress Black has been retained as Web Master for the Caledonian Club web site.  She has been paid in advance.

Audit/Bookkeeper:  The Board met with CPA Marsha Katz to explore options for an audit of the Caledonian Club accounts.  Ms. Katz reported that the books were too disorganized at this time to make an audit possible.  Ms. Katz did not charge the Club for her services.  She recommended Patty Schroeder as an accountant with the skills to facilitate that organization.

Robyn introduced Patty Schroeder, and Patty gave her background: she has been a CPA since 1990 and is semi-retired.  She is also a tax preparer.  She enjoys doing this type of work.  Patty has already contacted Robyn, Kay and Angie to begin the process of gathering all necessary records.

Patty thinks there are two goals:

  1. To assist the Treasurer to complete accounting for the end of fiscal year 2014/15, and stated that locating missing information is always the hardest part of this process.  She and Kay have set up a meeting to begin that process.
  1. Instituting internal control of Club funds and accounting procedures.  The Games have a separate account.  Angie has concerns about some of the things done at the Games, and so does Robyn.

Patty cited Chapter 5 of the Attorney General’s Guide for Charities as an excellent description of the requirements for 501(c)(3) accounting.  There should be a segregation of duties for all Club accounts: improving invoices; completing records; depositing checks.

Patty’s fee is $45/hour, which will be billed monthly.  All agreed that it was better for a disinterested person to coordinate these revisions rather than either of the two Club members who are CPAs.

Shelley thanked Perry for his efforts on facilitating the financial improvements and the eventual audit.

Action Items:

The draft minutes of each meeting should be e-mailed to members who were at the meeting.  Approved minutes should be e-mailed to all members and a hard copy mailed to members who do not have e-mail by the Membership Committee.  Minutes should also be printed in the newsletter.

New Business:

August Board Retreat:  Chief Robyn McBurney reported that the goals for 2015/16 are getting the records in shape to be audited, and to grow our membership.

2015/16 Proposed Budget:  Chief Robyn McBurney submitted a draft proposed budget based on the 2014/2015 budget of Past Chief Randy Russell.  George Morrow moved/Nancy Morrow seconded that this budget be adopted.  Discussion: Cost of the bookkeeper must be added to the budget, also the cost to buy the web site domain name and the cost for the Web Master need to be added.  The amended budget was adopted by unanimous vote.

Club Items in Storage:  Games Manager Angie Roddan reported that the Club has three storage containers on the Yolo County Fairgrounds, holding both Club items and equipment for the Games.  At this time, the Club items are inaccessible.  Club items include Treasurer’s information from past years.  Angie and some Games Committee members are going to clean out and organize the materials in the storage containers and would like Board members to organize the Club materials at that time.

Angie thinks the Club needs a retention policy.  The Secretary’s binder is archival, and it needs to be noted in the Secretary’s binder when any member has temporary custody of any Club item.

November meeting: The fourth Wednesday in November is Thanksgiving Eve.  Robyn will check with the Odd Fellows Hall to see if the hall is available on any other Wednesday night in November.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm

Respectfully submitted,

Kate Harper< br/> Secretary Pro Tem